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Several times gone, spread and don't accuse and don't, you'll know, strong more reliable than happiness。


The change of time day by day, the passing of the years day by day, old trees day by day。 But my heart, for you never change, I will always love you。


Keep a heart, don't like to keep a cat。 It is cold, to snuggle you; Tired of it, then secretly walk off。 Keep a heart, wish like keep a dog。 Not you keep it, is it keep you。


Eyes in the window at the distance, it is a piece of heaven and think you look and day my eyes like a kite, fly to how to love your country, involving the life I'm so happy。


Too cold in winter, the fingers are stiff, my body hibernate, but the heart is awake, it wants me to tell you: I miss you! I'm hot, can warm you, to me, let me hug you。


Think you, melting into the lake; Read you, the night sky together out of the stars; Love you, always a genuine beat for you。 Dear, let us follow the beat, love each other forever。


Baby: don't feel tired, to rest; Don't feel hungry, to eat; Don't feel cold, to add the clothes; Don't feel sleepy, just want to me。 Take good care of yourself, care good body!


Fireworks moment is happy, a shooting star moment is wish, miss moment is moved, I just wanted to let you can see I am at the moment of see information sincerely bless you!


I eat rice every day, the in the mind think about is you! I never eat noodles, side wants to see you every day! I drink don't eat vegetables, light lai share the rest of my life to you!


If there is an afterlife, I don't want to meet you again, don't worry, hear me out! I hope to become your eyes, into any part of your body, so I can with you the time!


Suppressed for a long time, to say; Looking for the right opportunity; Today, I tell you you can't resist: to find a lover, stay away from trouble enjoy sweet! If want to find I can!


Spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons cycle, nison sunset time will change, but never a genuine variable; Distance is not a problem, love your heart has been waiting for you。 Dear, I miss you!


Last night I had a mosquito to find you, let it tell you that I miss you, and please it for me to kiss you, if you ask how much I miss you? If you ask how much I love you? Look, bag stands for my heart。


There for you, my heart full of love, think you can't meet, can only hide you in my heart。 You are in my heart, read your esteem, want you to make me more heart failure, is the distance。


True love always wandering, missed just know feeling, to get rid of loneliness, want happy future, "said the sweet dialogue, hard to bear to tide surging, across the barriers, so the oath one by one!


To feel a person needs a minute, like a person needs one hour, fall in love with a person needs one day, however, it takes a lifetime forget that a person, and you, is I forget million million on earth。


I never meet you, you never know me。 This is the fate coincidence。 I meet with you together。 Isn't love in the steep cliff, but happiness is in your my fingertips。 Behind the screen, you know I miss you in?


If you can, I like her is your most trusted harbour, tottering when waiting for you; If you can, I will looking forward to you the most scenery, lonely waiting for you to look forward to, love you will wait for you!


Lifetime have how long, who knows; How long the life, to know; A pair of lovebirds flying high, cloud know; Twinned trunks on how tight, and the wind know; How much love you, I know; Wish to have more real, you know。


Love is a candy, affection is a string of entrust, put the candy in heart, love for love is telling, fingers of thinking, is forward love pigeons, want to have a love of people all over the world, always be happy and easy!


Think you think you think of you, open your eyes to see you, love you love you love you, with all my heart to you, read you read you read aloud, you really want to with you, make you tease you amuse you, happy to you!


For your love, across the long march already, fly to the front of you, would you please open your eyes and look listen carefully, my eyes bright for you, my voice to sing for you, come on, let's dance song of love!


What's the most romantic thing, suffered wind and rain after the test, can the sunset hand in hand with your lover。 After suffering, and still love count vicissitudes of life, the two side by side, in accordance with each other。 I wish you love sweet!


You I know is the fate, you are my love is a mutual affection。 My love for you don't need too many languages, already because of the destiny will lead you and me。 Dear this life, but let this life can with you together against forever!


A little busy recently, census I am the comptroller of the area, has recently been busy compiling new household registration, to incorporate new census register file, so can't be with you…… Angry? That I will give you my archives……


Love is like snow, can let the whole world to admire its beauty, but also can instantly disappear quietly, love want to spring grass, with the prosperity of the summer, but is bound to fall to wither。 I no longer believe in love。


Clockwork SMS solemnly tell you: I didn't like you! You smooth skin, clear eyes, your slender legs, your moist lips, your lovely black hair, your everything I don't like! Because I have been deeply in love with!


Recent easy drunk, feeling deeply into tears; Love flower Yang hundred flatters, enchanting colourful core; Feeling comfortable feeling move, has its own deep deep incarnate, to know each other love each other more natural flavour, crazy for love life without regret。


Miss you like a cloud, the in the mind filled with thick rain; Miss you like a leaf, when you walk through the wind, will see me swaying; Miss you like a wave, the rolling river of missing; Miss you like sun, just want to give you warm, give you happiness!


Like singing, love travel, no pursuit, collecting stamps, around work, specially make software, wages generally, less than four thousand, immediately rush three, no affection, for an object, interest can together, work together, happy tomorrow。


At dawn, I wait for you in the beginning of a day; The night comes, I'll wait for you in the dreamland; Spring is coming, I wait for you in the very beautiful flowers; I was in, I wait for you in this life; I am not, I wait for you in the afterlife。 Pro, I love you!


I miss swirling Yang a loose sand grains to bring me to your blessing, I shed a ladle ripple water drops floating sea currents to your heart, love you, this life without regret, holding your affection, love you of person, I will try to care for you。 Whole life!


Public all drunk I wake up alone, don't laugh at me too crazy, this life is predestined friends the reunions, will you wait for life, easily put a line, send a love license, didn't you a life without a scenery, clear reply slip information day, when you'd rather use life。


To make a quarrel, I want to clap your hands with you。 An inch of time an inch of gold, and an early catch golden hand early。 A radish, a pit, natural and you are a pair。 Once meet back to the second, the original we is a five hundred years ago。 Pit digging well, jump down。

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